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Eurostacker™ Doors

(multiple outside sliding panels)

The Eurostacker™ allows for wide openings, blurring the line between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The Eurostacker™ has easy to clean sills with no channels to collect unsightly dirt and debris. The Eurostacker™ can also be configured to have panels meet at a corner without a pillar or slide into a cavity or over an exterior wall.


  • Stepped flat sill for an easy clean and modern look
  • ACT Interlocker softener – reduces the sound when doors engage
  • Smoothtech™ Chevron track for a smooth roller action

Cavity Eurostacker™

The Cavity Eurostacker™ is attention to detail at its finest. Clever concealment of the panels along with flush pulls means that when fully open, the doors effectively cease to exist. This completely blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. Furthermore, when closed, it provides minimal disruption of the view, as sliding doors allow for much wider panels. 

Overwall (Overclad) Eurostacker™

The Overwall Eurostacker™ has the ability to make whole walls disappear when open, while causing minimal disruption of the view when closed. It can stand at over 3m high, allowing more expansive views and natural light to stream in. What’s more, a lot of attention has been paid to aesthetic detailing, with features such as equal height rails, square edges for clean lines and low profile flush sills. These can be further enhanced by rebating internal floors and having exterior decks or patios raised to run almost level. 

Corner Eurostacker™

By opening up the corner, you greatly enhance indoor/outdoor flow, plus allow light to continuously stream in as the sun makes its way around your home.

The concept of a frameless corner will give your home a magical floating feeling, plus with the ability to incorporate as many door panels as you like, there’s no limit to how far the corner of your home can be opened.