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We understand the importance of accurate specification and detailing. That's why we offer you free and easy access to a complete range of CAD resources for our window and door products. The advantage of using our CAD resources is they're all available on our website with no login required.

Our large database of drawings allows you to mix and match the products that you want, add cladding, change wind zones, to easily filter to the exact detail required for your spec! The ease of use and up-to-date detailing means you'll be able to provide certainty that what you have is accurate - and hopefully receive fewer questions from your client, the builder or consenting authority.

You can also easily access documents covering warranties and compliance through to product size limitations and thermal performance.


Accurate specification and detailing are key elements to ensuring projects meet performance, budget and time-frame expectations.

As a specifier, you want to ensure that you select the best and most appropriate products for your project. At Bradnam's, we make things easy for you with our downloadable digital resources, specification & installation documents and full access to our trusted nationwide Fabricator network. And, of course, our top-of-the-line window and door systems will give any project the edge.

Here you will find easy access to the complete range of CAD resources. The intuitive resource will help you choose the right product for your project.



Also available are our Masterspec Details. The specification documents provide a structured template for everything you need to think about when specifying Altus window and door systems.

Masterspec is New Zealand's leading specification system, and its resources can be easily adapted to meet the needs of any project. The Masterspec specification documents we have available provide a structured template for everything you need to think about when specifying our window and door systems.

Masterspec can be used for commercial, industrial and larger residential projects. The standard version has been designed specifically with the New Zealand construction industry in mind. It can be used with two different operating systems: Masterspec Link, which uses Word connected to your browser, and Masterspec NextGen2, which is an intuitive online platform. The benefit of using Masterspec NextGen2 is that you can draw keynotes from your Masterspec specification - or create your own - using the Masterspec MasterKey tool.