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Designed in New Zealand for New Zealand homes.

 Replaces the legacy systems of Pacific Architectural and 41Architectural.

Pacific41™ has been designed to replace the legacy Altus Window Systems of Pacific Architectural and 41Architectural.

Innovation, Strength and Reliability place the Pacific41™ system at the centre of New Zealand’s Architectural window & door market


The Pacific41™ system is preferred for larger family and architecturally designed homes exhibiting large expansive windows and doors.

Aesthetic appeal, functionality, increased glazing capacity and strength of internal components means the Pacific41™ system is perfect for taking the next step up for your aluminium joinery.

The Pacific41™ system can accommodate almost any combination of window and door configuration. Products such as the innovative Foldback™ Bifold, the iconic Ranchslider™ with optional Levelstep™ and the premium Euroslider™ are all available within the system. 

Suitable across multiple market segments; Mid-Level Residential to High End Architectural homes, Multi-residential, Light Commercial Applications, School Builds, Exposed Architectural Homes and A&A (Additions and Alterations).


All products within the range allow for double glazed insulated units up to 30mm thickness, a must for larger format windows and doors. Modern and sleek flat faced frame profiles are available across all product types with window sashes available in flush and flanged variants. Flat faced frames seamlessly integrate with both our Tasman35™ and Atlantic48™ systems, where required.

Door unit sizes for the Pacific41™ System can be up to 2.6m* high and have sliding panels weighing up to 160kg and hinged panels weighing up to 60kgs, both offer wide glass openings for impressive uninterrupted views and access. 

* = up to 2.6 metres high, higher spans can be achieved.

Mix and Match – System Integration

The ability to use the Tasman35™, Pacific41™ and Atlantic48™ systems on the same build project, whilst maintaining a consistent appearance and performance.

Features & Benefits
  • High end finish
  • Full range of product solutions to suit Fit-for-Purpose requirements, no matter how simple or complex the project is
  • Ease of specification – off the shelf detailing
  • Extended frame or extra flange cover option +21mm

Pressure Fit bead

Faster glazing system with high performing seal and cleaner lines

Features & Benefits
  • Faster close in – improved productivity in factory & onsite glazing
  • Pressure fit glazing is suitable for Insulated Glass Units measuring either 23-24mm or 27-28mm
    • Can accommodate up to 30mm Insulated Glass Units using traditional glazing methods
  • The custom designed High Performing santoprene foam-filled back seal produces clean glazing lines with less visible back seal margins, matching the inner appearance of the joinery
  • High end finish
  • Improved performance that offers peace of mind

Patented Connection System for integral structures

(Mullions, Transoms Interlockers)

Features & Benefits
  • Stronger and more secure jointing with no frame penetration eliminates water leak points
  • Controlled extrusion drainage path, channels water out efficiently
  • Reduced use of visible hole plugs for aesthetics
  • Bespoke Jointer sleeve / soaker systems exclusive to Altus, used for “specials” to deliver increased strength of joints over traditional methods (wall corners, e.g. Box & Bay Windows)
  • Peace of mind

 High Performance Upgrades

  • High performing drainage as standard
  • 19mm or 25mm flange cover for weather protection across all cladding types
  • High performance Euroslider™ and Eurostacker™ threshold for demanding or high exposure areas
  • Continuous panel seals at bifold hinged junctions maintain weatherproofing
  • 50mm thick hinged and bifold door panels for improved strength
  • 41mm wide sliding door panels for increased spans
Features & Benefits
  • Code Compliant joinery
  • Peace of mind
  • Ease of installation
  • Bespoke joinery offer – custom designed to meet New Zealand standards & weather conditions
  • Ease of specification

Innovative Product Offerings

Wide range of offerings across the residential ranges such as:

  • Kleenline™ - Window frame sash area platform cover, for a premium finished window look with benefits of being easy to clean
  • Smoothtech™ track as standard for easy glide sliding doors
  • Maximum Opening – Sliding door feature that enables the widest opening possible
  • Front mounted bifold hinges – allow for continuous panel seals providing clean lines when open and improved weather tightness when closed
  • The Foldback™ Bifold (top rolling) has a unique patented system allowing the door panels to fold flat against the cladding, giving unobstructed open access. Allows up to three connected panels to Foldback™
  • Aluvent™ Passive Ventilation for a breathable home – can be included into any horizontal bead glazed portion of the window or door unit (not suitable for pocketed sash or pocketed sliding door panels)
  • Fixed light adaptor: Creates matching height rails. The fixed light rail evenly matches the height of the sliding panel bottom rails giving a clean uniform look
Features & Benefits
  • Sellable features for end customer
  • High end finish
  • Freedom of design and function
  • Showcase designs

Sliding and Stacking Doors

  • Euroslider™ & Eurostacker™ premium options with flat sills feature ease of cleaning in high dust and debris areas
  • Kiwi classic Ranchslider™ & Ranchstacker™ styles are available with optional Levelstep™ sills for a true flush threshold
  • And a range of other options including: Biparting and Corner Biparting, Overwall and Cavity doors
Features & Benefits
  • Biparting and Corner Biparting options where moving doors meet in the center, create unique openings and a feeling of pillar-less space
  • Overwall Slider – moving panels slide in front of the cladding allowing for maximum accessibility through a door opening whilst maintaining valuable internal wall space
  • Cavity Slider – moving panels that slide into the wall cavity of the building structure – with suitable building design. Allows for maximum accessibility of a door opening with no visible doors when open whilst maintaining valuable internal wall space
  • Smoothtech™ Chevron track, standard on all sliding doors - one of the smoothest sliding door tracks in New Zealand
  • Even height rails and maximum opening features offer unique aesthetic benefits
  • ACT Interlocker Softener – reduces the impact and sound when doors engage
  • Multi panel option - ability to have multiple panels sliding in one or both directions. Limited only by wall thickness
  • Specified for up to 2.6m* high x 1.6m* wide sliding panels weighing up to 160kg

Bifold, French and Hinged Doors

  • Options for Top Hung or Bottom Rolling Bifold Doors
    • Top Hung doors protect rollers from dust & harm and can have an option of a flush sill for a clean look and easy cleaning. Top hung bifold doors require engineered lintels to carry the loads
    • Bottom Rolling doors with central rolling gear is durable, can suit wider openings and are not reliant on lintel dead load performance
Features & Benefits
  • Clean stiles when door is open for improved aesthetics
  • Internally and/or externally mounted bifold mounted bifold hinge allows for continuous panel seals producing improved air tightness and weather-tightness
  • ART Bifold Door Aligner is an innovative component which holds each panel in perfect alignment throughout the bifold motion
  • PCT Bifold Panel Catcher is an innovative component designed to control and guide the bifold doors whilst opening & closing, including good seal compression when in closed position
  • Bifold panels are specified for up to 2.6m high x 0.9m wide weighing up to 60kg
    • Individual panels have been increased to 50mm thick, one of the most robust hinged and bifold door systems in New Zealand. This increases the strength (I value) for better performance in higher wind zones, customers love the robustness and solid feel
  • French & Hinged Door panels: up to 2.6m high x 1m wide, rigidly braced with a unique built-in glass blocking system

Awning & Casement Windows

  • Awning & Casement window sashes are specified for up to 1.8m high x 0.9m wide, or 1.2m x 1.2m square
  • Kleenline™ - Sash window frame platform cover, for a premium finished window look with benefits of being easy to clean
  • Seismic window options with split mullions
  • External fin mullion or internal box mullion options for improved visual appeal

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